Everything you need to know about the lenders we partner with.

Are your lenders safe and reputable?

Yes, absolutely!

We work closely with the lenders we partner with. They are all registered credit providers. Every lender we present on Fincheck.co.za is registered and legally allowed to offer loans in South Africa. Read more about our lenders here.

Which lender should I choose?

That depends. Fincheck is 100% independant. This means we present you with all your options and allow you to choose the best deal. Different lenders will offer you different options, choose the one which suits you best.

Will Fincheck ever promote any lender over another?

No! Never. Fincheck remains 100% independent from our lending partners and will always present you with all the options you qualify for.

What happens when I select a lender?

Your first step when selecting a lender will be to agree with and follow the terms and conditions laid out by that particular lender. We save you time by comparing and presenting you with the most suitable options.

Once you select an option, we pass you onto that lender (through you clicking ‘apply’) for approval and you are then in their hands.

How can I find out more information about the Fincheck lenders?

We’ve created a product guide that hosts more in-depth information on each company. You can find it here.

Updated on July 5, 2019

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